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Customize each tier of this 3-tier garden bed by utilizing each tier to separate a variety of plants from delicious veggies to beautiful flowers, herbs, and more! Made with a stair-step design, it has 3 planter depths that accommodate different root requirements and plant sizes, perfect for small roots, medium roots, and large roots. Its versatile build also allows for different arrangements, making it easy to stack your planter sections vertically or lay them out in a flat, 3-section arrangement. Our claims of an easy assembly + sturdy build are made true as you seamlessly slide panels into slotted, reinforced corner legs for stability. Enjoy it for years to come with a natural, durable fir wood design that adds simplistic charm to your garden while resisting rot for lasting use.


  • Customize Each Tier: This 4x4ft garden bed has 3 tiers to keep sections divided and organized; separate vegetables, herbs, flowers, and other plants
  • Stair-Step Design: Designed with 3 different depths: 22in, 15in, and 8in – making it perfect for growing plants and vegetables with root lengths from short to medium and long
  • Different Arrangements: Stack the planter up tall for a 3-tier design, or lay each section out in a flat line for 3 planting areas of different sizes
  • Easy Assembly + Sturdy Build: No tools are required for setup, as you can seamlessly slide panels into the slots of the sturdy, reinforced corners to build your new garden bed in just minutes!
  • Durable Fir Wood: The natural appeal of this garden bed is highlighted by a Chinese fir wood design that resists breakdown for long-lasting use


  • Brand: Best Choice Products
  • Dimensions: 48.50 x 48.50 x 21.75 Inches
  • Weight: 30 lbs
  • Color: Beige
  • Material: Wood